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Welcome to my homepage.
Here you will find all my things relating to vocal synths.
If you are looking for my UST files, they are right here.


All my songs can be found and purchased on my Bandcamp page, but I also provide them here for free! I would love to hear you cover them.

ft. Amy & Gumi
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The following guidelines apply to Takoe Zuii, Mijukurini Su-suko, and Psychotic Psycho. These rules are relevant as of 2020.

(1) Do not use my characters or their voicebanks to slander specific groups or individuals, such as but not limited to religious groups/individuals or persons of specific ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, or spirituality.

(2) You have my consent to use my characters and voicebanks in songs, videos, and merchandise for profit or non-profit. This means selling keychains with the characters or selling songs using their voicebanks is OK! I will never ask you for a cut of the money and you do not have to contact me to use my character or voicebanks in this way. Selling my voicebanks by themselves is prohibited.

(3) You have my consent to use my characters and voicebanks in GL (girls' love) and BL (boys' love)... any love, really!

(4) You may use my characters and their voicebanks in R-18+ (mature) content provided the characters are being depicted as 18 years of age or older.


Please read the rules before continuing!

A somewhat mature, tomboyish voice.


{ Natural }
Coming mid or late 2020.
Oto configuration by srscyn and Mae Blythe.
CV-VC English w/ CC, VV, vocal fry, end breaths, and glottal stops.
Input type similar to Vocaloid (X-Sampa).


{ Normal | Power | Soft | Deep }
All are VCV type voicebanks.
They all use an older microphone and may receive updates late 2020.

Mijukurini Su-suko

Moé type voice, the Tsuntsun version being more grating.

{ Type A | Type B }
Coming mid or late 2021.

{ Tsuntsun | Deredere }
Coming late 2020 or early 2021.

Psychotic Psycho

Weird, cartoony, stereotypical "nerd" voice.

JPN + ENG Pack

{ Japanese VCV & English CV-VC }

Macfu Fifi

Bright and clear with a forceful accent.

Anti Macloid girl. Windows stan. Now belongs to Inochi-PM, but I will still provide her voice. Her voicebanks will be posted at soon.


Takoe Zuii (多声ズイー) 
PronounsShe/Her, He/Him, They/Them
Blood TypeO
Star SignAquarius
D.O.B.February 14
Height5' 4"
Weight150 lbs.
Item24k Gilded Rose
Personalityhopeless romantic tomboy
Likeshot coffee, morning jogs, karaoke
Dislikesskirts, crowded supermarkets
Mijukurini Su-suko (未熟理似スースーコ) 
Blood TypeAB
Star SignGemini
D.O.B.June 20th
Height4' 10"
Weight130 lbs.
ItemWhite Rabbit Plush
Likesfrappuccinos, video games, cosplay
Dislikesearly hours, not getting likes on posts
Psychotic Psycho (サイコティック★サイコ) 
Blood TypeB
Star SignVirgo
D.O.B.September 3rd
Height6' 7"
Weight140 lbs.
ItemLaboratory Test Tubes
Personalityeccentric, creative, bold flatterer
LikesSukone Tei, biology, math, robotics
DislikesKagamine Len, sleeping, the general public

UST Files

Bakamitai - Yakuza 0
Black - Toku-P
Diamond - Jiwataneho
DotA - Basshunter
Kimi to Mita Hoshizora - EasyPop/BETTI
Kusari - Razu, Minatsukitoka
Aijou Rettousei - Kairiki Bear



MEL+ (Mae's English List -Plus Edition-)
Coming soon!
Currently going under a final revision.

☆ 530 clips total ☆

Made by combining parts of Mae's English List and srscyn's English List. Creates a lightweight CV-VC English bank with consonant transitions (CC) and VV giving a more realistic sound.

Mae's English List
Mae's English List - Diphthong Pack
srscyn's English CC and VV
End breaths (inhales, exhales)
Vocal fry
Glottal stops
4 and hj clips

You can download Mae's original list here!